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Do you understand Variable Speed Drive?

Here is the QUIZ about variable speed drives:

1. List the common basic control function of an electronic variable speed drive.

2. What is the preferred method for altering the speed of a squirrel-cage induction motor?

3. State the prime function of each of the following parts of a variable speed drive: (a) converter, (b) DC bus, (c) inverter, (d) control logic.

4. Explain how it's possible for a variable speed drive to operate a three-phase motor from a single phase power source.

5. Calculate the average DC bus voltage for a line volt age of 230 V AC.

6. Which component is the main energy storage element of the DC bus?

7. What types of transistor are currently used in the inverter section of a variable speed drive?

8. How is the output voltage of an inverter varied?

9. How is the output frequency of the inverter varied?

10. What is the difference between the fundamental frequency & carrier frequency of a variable speed drive?

11. In what ways is an inverter-duty motor different from standard motor types?

12. Compare open- & closed-loop motor control.

13. Explain how the output voltage of a variable speed drive is controlled using the volts per hertz speed-control method.

14. Calculate the V/Hz for a 230-Volt, 60-Hz motor.

15. How does a flux vector improve on the basic V/Hz control technique?