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Variable speed drive Operator Interface

The typical variable speed drive operator interface provides a means for an operator to start & stop the motor & adjust the operating speed. Additional operator control functions might include reversing & switching between manual speed adjustment & automatic control from an external process control signal. The operator interface often includes an alphanumeric display and/or indication lights & meters to provide information about the operation of the variable speed drive. When mounted within another enclosure, a remote operator keypad & display may be cable-connected & mounted a short distance from the controller.

A communications port is normally available to allow the variable speed drive to be con figured, adjusted, monitored, & con trolled using a personal computer (PC). PC-based software offers greater flexibility, as more detailed information on the variable speed drive parameters can be viewed simultaneously on the monitor. Modes of operation may include program, monitor & run. Typical data accessible in real time include:
  • Frequency output
  • Voltage output
  • Current output
  • Motor rpm
  • Motor kilowatts
  • DC bus volts
  • Parameter settings
  • Faults