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Variable speed drive safety guide

The variable speed drives of degree of protection IP20 are designed, as a standard, for installation in electrical cabinets. During the VSD installation, both the installation and the safety instructions as well as the variable speed drive specifications must be complied with.
  • To avoid serious physical injury or considerable damage to property, only qualified staff may work on the variable speed drive.
  • During assembly, make sure that no foreign particles (e.g. chips, dust, wires, screws, tools) can get inside the variable speed drive. Otherwise there is the risk of short circuits and fire.
  • The variable speed drive complies with protection class IP20 only if the covers, components and terminals are mounted properly.
  • Overhead Installation or installation in horizontal position is not permissible.
Mount the variable speed drive with sufficient clearance to other components so that the cooling air can circulate freely. Avoid soiling by grease and air pollution by dust, aggressive gases, etc. Suction intakes of fans may not be covered.