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Variable Speed Drive installation location

Location is an important consideration in installing variable speed drives as this can have a significant effect on the variable speed drive's performance & reliability. Location considerations are summarized as follows:
  • Mount the variable speed drive near the motor. Excessive cable length between the variable speed drive & the motor can result in extremely high voltage spikes at the motor leads. It's important to verify the maximum cable distance stated in the variable speed drive specifications, when you are installing variable speed drives onto AC induction motors. Excessive voltages can reduce the expected life of the insulation system, especially non-inverter-duty motors.
  • The enclosure surrounding the variable speed drive should be well ventilated or in a climate-controlled environment, as the build up of excess heat may damage the variable speed drive components over time. Large fluctuations in ambient temperatures can result in condensation forming inside the variable speed drive enclosures & possibly damaging components.
  • Locations in dusty, wet, & corrosive environments, constant vibration, & direct sunlight should be avoided.
  • The location should have adequate lighting & sufficient working space to carry out maintenance of the variable speed drive. NEC Article 110 lists requirements for working space & illumination.